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GIFTSHOPMAG.COM 11 PET SHOWCASE WINTER WONDERS B Y S A M U J V A R Y Managing Editor A s the snow falls and temperatures steadily drop, it gets easier and easier to cozy up inside with a warm mug, a quaint fire and, of course, a furry friend nipping at your blanket. It's seasons like this one that make us especially grateful for another beating heart in the home. The endless energy and playful nature of our pets keeps us entertained for hours when we'd rather stay inside than brave the fearless gust of winter. That's why we collect the home d├ęcor pieces, the festive knick knacks and all the soft t-shirts; so we can show our love even when we're not able to smother them with snuggles. Celebrate the beautiful bond between pets and the ones who adore them with these mugs, inspired by Compendium's books, When You Love a Cat, and When You Love a Dog. Circle 654.

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