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GIFTSHOPMAG.COM 3 PET SHOWCASE INTERTWINED B Y D E B B I E E I S E L E Senior Retail Editor T he 2017-2018 APPA National Pet Owners Survey revealed overall pet ownership has increased over the past few decades, and this means there is a demand for merchandise in the pet category. The report also noted that humanization is an influence and may play a role in driving the pet industry and provides an opportunity for retailers to sell gifts and gear that appeal to a multitude of shoppers. This is especially true for the Gen Y population, as the survey indicated this population tends to humanize pets more than other generations. Data indicates that stores can offer merchandise in gifts, travel and outdoor adventures categories to appeal to those seeking experiences as well as gifts. In the travel and outdoor category there are products ranging from illuminating dog leashes to toys and scarves. Consumers can find something that suits their needs while on vacation or just outside having fun. Also, pet-related gifts that reflect a love of all animals are popular. A myriad of options include mugs, pillows, greeting cards, ornaments, stickers, snow globes and more that will appeal to pet lovers everywhere. Explore the products in the following spotlights for inspiration and develop a curated mix for customers that will keep them coming back. For even more ideas, visit the exclusive online Adorable Pigs spotlight for some fun items that are too cute to pass on. Night Scout Illuminating USB Rechargeable Dog Leash DM Merchandising. Circle 650. GIFTSHOPMAG.COM 3

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