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Fetch RI is a holistic shop that focuses on well-being, vitality and longevity of pets B Y D E B B I E E I S E L E Senior Retail Editor F etch RI is a holistic shop for both canines and felines. Six years ago, Johnna Devereaux, owner and clinical pet nutritionist (CPN) opened the retail store in Richmond, Rhode Island. The inspiration for the store was her rescue dog, Diego. This retailer is all about healthy options for dogs and cats and wishes to "satisfy the needs of (their) mind, body, spirit and environment." Devereau's entrepreneurial spirit launched when she was unable to locate products or guidance on nutrition to meet the needs of Diego, who had severe reactions to chemicals, food preservatives and other dietary issues. "Diego's suboptimal health led me on the journey to becoming a CPN and opening Fetch RI," she shared. "At Fetch RI, we curate all of the products that come into our store — you know that if a product, treat or food item is on our shelves, then it has been extensively researched, quality checked and is the best you can give your dog and/or cat." Devereaux is also an herbalist and on her quest to enhance pet nutrition, she made Fetch RI a chemical-free pet store. "We carry only all-natural remedies for our pets — that work with your pets' body systems (versus against them)," she said. Although Fetch RI offers a myriad of merchandise, Devereaux does have a few favorites. "Animal Essentials Herbal Green Alternative is a great nutritional supplement that supports overall immune health and supports a variety of body systems that I think should be included in every dog's diet," she shared. "In regards to toys — Fluff & Tuff dog toys are by far the best plush toy on the market — and the support from the company is top notch. My final favorite product is a toss up between 2Hounds Design and Walk Your Dog with Love harnesses — both harnesses are great quality and work extremely well." Items from its single and limited ingredient Party-Y Bar are by far the best sellers at the store. "These include mix and match items like dehydrated beef or lamb heart, beef liver, lamb lung, duck hearts, and tripe to name a few," Devereaux explained. Merchandising plays an important role in the store — window displays are changed monthly, while other in-store displays are updated on a quarterly basis. "We try not to confuse our customers by making major changes to where items they love best are located — but we do switch things around a little so they potentially discover something new they hadn't seen before," she added. Devereaux's favorite merchandise display is one she made from recycled pallets and metal baskets. "We use (it) for our Fluff & Tuff toys," she said. Products and superb service are what distinguishes this retailer. Fetch RI helps clients with nutrition, A Zest for Life Photos courtesy of Heidii Redfern 8 SPRING 2020

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