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4 Unwind 8 Productivity 11 Educational 13 Fun & Games 16 Culinary Contentment 20 Personal Expression 22 Hustle & Grit 28 Keep Selling 30 Better Business 32 Positivity Challenge 34 Financial Assistance 36 Keeping Connections Strong to Survive COVID - 19 38 Utilize Free Resources CONTENTS Dear retailers, You are amazing! This has been a strange and unpredictable stretch that will go down in world history. No one saw this coming or expected it to have the effect on main street businesses that it has. But mainstreet businesses have risen to the challenge. You are providing a bright spot in the bleak scenery that is COVID-19. Getting products your customers want and need into their hands safely has become your mission. We see you working 7 days a week around the clock to make it happen. We acknowledge that this isn't glamorous, or even profitable in many cases, but you are doing it in the name of serving your customers and community. I think we can all agree that 2020 hasn't lived up to the hype! But let's not write the entire year off just yet. We've still got a promising third and fourth quarter ahead, even though retail may look decidedly different. There will be a new way of shopping. Less foot traffic and a hyper-scrutiny of cleanliness and social distancing offer new challenges to the brick-and-mortar retailer. That means we MUST do the most with each and every customer who comes into the store. If we can give each and every customer the best in-store experience, and exceed their highest expectations, then we can maximize each and every sale. We need to be remarkable to our core customers and focus on doing what we can with what we have. That might mean taking some risks and trying new kinds of digital engagement. Your customers are spending more time on digital channels out of necessity. So show up for them there and give them a reason to show up for you AT your store when you reopen. As Seth Godin says, "If failure is not an option, then neither is success." During this crisis, we are all being forced to live without — without going out to eat, without normal supplies, without human interaction, without work. We are discovering that we CAN do hard things. So how do we convince ourselves that when our world opens back up, it will be safe enough to go out again and make meaningful purchases? We do that by creating human connections with our customers and reassuring them that we are there for them during the hard times and will celebrate with them when things get better, in the safest way possible. Show them that you have meaningful products and services that will help them return to the "normal" they are craving. We ARE all in this together! F R O M T H E E D I T O R ON THE COVER Organic, modern, friendly and homegrown, Pigment has three locations in San Diego and is hustling seven days a week around the clock to get orders out the door safely and securely. Check out their updated website for inspiration, Photo by Linette Gary, THE TEAM Debbie Eisele | Managing Editor Julie McCallum | Editorial Director Kimerly Baker | COO & Director of Custom Media Joe Tacosik | Content Marketing Specialist Jess Schmidt | Custom Content Manager Allison McKenzie | Multimedia Designer 2 T H E S U R V I V E & T H R I V E G U I D E We Can Do Hard Things Editorial Director

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