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4 SUMMER 2020 4 SUMMER 2020 C . anine Styles Inc.'s main boutique location offers an urban environment shopping experience, popular with affluent individuals and pedestrian traffic in New York City. The store offers 650 square feet of retail space, along with 400 square feet for its grooming services. Mark Drendel began his journey with Canine Styles in 1989, when he worked for the original owner that founded the business in 1959. At the time, the shop was located in a 650 square foot space on the upper east side of Manhattan. Since then, Drendel has created an exclusive retail business for clientele seeking sophisticated merchandise for their pets, and expanded into three locations staffed with 36 employees. "The original owner was looking to sell the business and I saw an incredible opportunity. The customer base was extraordinary and well established over thirty years in one of the world's great residential neighborhoods. The original owner, Ursula Lenhardt, was willing to carry the note for seven years if I could come up with 10% of the asking price," Drendel said. "I took over the business and with a background in retail I seized the opportunity to expand upon what was being offered." "It wasn't long before the sophisticated clientele responded to the new merchandise and I saw the opportunity to introduce my own line of products," he noted. Twenty years ago, Drendel began manufacturing but realized it was difficult to source product to create the assortment he desired for his shops. Specifically, he sought to offer "easily wearable and utilitarian apparel, carriers and bedding for dogs" that were replicating the fashion trends his clientele were wearing or using in their own homes. Canine Styles now produces two collections per year and Drendel said with the three locations and its online presence he expects successful growth. In an interview with Drendel, he shared how he is still positively transforming operations and An upscale dog emporium that offers an exclusive line of products B Y D E B B I E E I S E L E Senior Retail Editor • Cashmere • Puffer Coat • Nantucket Sweaters • Horse Blanket Coats • Carriers B EST - SE L LERS continuously developing a sophisticated, curated product mix for his clients. How successful is your online business and are you looking to expand this aspect of your store? We have spent the last three years developing our online business and see real growth opportunities here. Describe your product offerings, both in-store and online (if different): We do all our fulfillment for our online business through our stores — everything we sell on line we sell in our stores. We do get more into basics and food in our stores since

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