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GIFTSHOPMAG.COM 5 GIFTSHOPMAG.COM 5 Mark Drendel, owner of Canine Styles, has created an exclusive retail business for customers seeking sophisticated merchandise for their pets. All photos courtesy of Canine Styles. we are a neighborhood shopping and grooming experience for our customers. We try to offer online what other websites do not, and do offer the Canine Styles line for wholesale on What is your best-selling product in the store, and the best-seller online? Our best-selling items are two products — our Down Puffer Coats and our Cashmere Sweaters. Where do you source your products — shows, online, etc? 75% of product we offer, we manufacture ourselves in China. We supplement our product from shopping the shows and from Do you have a store mascot? If so, what is his/her name? My two dogs — Izzy, a two-year- old Miniature Schnauzer, and Katie, a fourteen year old Border Terrier. In your stores, what makes a product display successful? We are constantly updating our window displays and also our store displays. I am a big believer that you can't sell it if you don't have it. I like my stores and displays to look full, neat and well organized at all times. As merchandise sells we move it around and find new product to highlight. Do you have any tips to other store owners on how to arrange merchandise to increase interest and sales? Merchandising in an attractive and organized fashion is extremely important. We put a lot of thought and effort in our window displays and change them monthly to reflect a theme or highlight a product and keep them consistent across the locations. We promote first and foremost the Canine Styles brand and then bring in other merchandise to complete the assortment. What has been your biggest success with the store, something you thought you'd try, but weren't quite sure how it would work out? We took several expensive stabs at the website until we finally found the right partners to maintain it and build it into the growing business that it has now become. The level of trust that we build with customers through the grooming business, as well as the repeat traffic, are also key. Do you have any other information or operational/management advice you would like to share about Canine Styles that may help other retailers? First and foremost it is about the well-being of the dog. Grooming establishes a relationship and a comfort level with us. We see Canine Styles, Inc. as a lifestyle brand and like to think we can accommodate all needs for all dogs, other than veterinary and health.

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