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36 FALL 2021 GIFT SHOP® PLUS Flying Wish Paper is an old-world tradition reimagined and offered as a precious little activity kit that brings your wishes to life. Write your wish on the special paper, touch a match to the edge and watch as it flies to the heavens! Sounds magical — and it is! Technically, it's physics that sends the paper into the sky. Whether scientific or spiritual, these activity kits have been enchanting retailers and consumers since 2008, when Julia Lambie introduced her new concept at the National Stationery Show in New York. Flying Wish Paper is a special way to manifest a dream and send your desires into the universe. The activity adds a splash of fun to birthdays, holidays or any celebration. It also can be a somber experience, like remembering a loved one or just having a meditative moment alone. "It's inspirational, powerful, whimsical — whatever you want it to be," shared Lambie. "Wish Paper is a feel-good product, and we all need that positive energy now more than ever." Sales support this statement; 2020 was Lambie's best year on record. Buyers also like that the product is made in the USA and is a woman-owned business. Kits are sold in two sizes and a variety of designs. Tucked inside the mini kit packages are 15 wish papers and matching platform cards (where you set your wish paper before lighting it), a gold-embossed pencil and illustrated instructions. The large kit is sold as a party pack and includes 50 wishes and accessories. Marketed as an indoor product, Flying Wish Paper is available in 50 designs so there's something for everybody. Glittery champagne bubbles, florals in every color, birds and butterflies, Christmas themes and inspirational messaging like "Let it Go" and "It's Your Day." There's even a Flying Prayer Paper design with dandelion seeds blowing into a breeze. Ted Kennedy Watson, the genius curator behind the Watson Kennedy design & gift stores in Seattle, said, "I only carry products that I would buy for myself." WK was one of the first stores to bring in Flying Wish Paper when it had its debut 13 years ago. Watson's stores are candy-colored merchandising havens, with products meticulously curated and arranged by theme or color palette. Merchandising switches out all the time, and it's easy to add a Flying Wish Paper design to the changing visual stories. Because this is such a hands-on product, Lambie is generous with samples and demo kits and encourages stores to share wishes with customers. Mia Semington, co-owner of Two Hands Paperie in Boulder, Colorado, said that when her team demonstrates the product, it really drives sell-through. "Customers love the engagement and then want to bring this bit of magic home, too," she said. Two Hands Paperie stocks nearly 90% of the product line. Popular right now is the "Just Bee" wishing kit displayed with other bee- themed products like dish towels, honeys and stationery. New package designs are released regularly, freshening things up with current trends. Lambie also pays it forward by introducing upcoming artists. Last year's new designs featured two new artists: The "Georgia Breeze Collection" from an exciting artist out of Cornwall, England, and also new designs from Ruby Louise, a Brooklyn-based artist. With the holiday season here, Lambie is prepping for another busy fourth quarter. "Birthdays are big, but holidays are HUGE," she said. Mini kits are sized to fit into a stocking, and the party pack is great for making wishes with a group of family and friends. "When I was developing the concept, I tested it with my own family at Thanksgiving. There were nine of us sitting around the table and we each wrote down something we were thankful for, lit our Wish Papers and watched them fly. It was magical, and I knew I had a hit on my hands!" To see all Flying Wish Paper designs and a demo video of the product in action, visit FLYINGWISHPAPER.COM. ADVERTISEMENT | © 2021 Flying Wish Paper TO MAKE A WISH with floating paper dreams that fly off the shelves EVERYBODY LOVES It's inspirational, powerful, whimsical — whatever you want it to be. — Julia Lambie Circle 315

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