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32 FALL 2017 G R E E N R E T A I L E R R E C YC L E D & R E P U R P O S E D F O R M O V E R F U N C T I O N Look below the surface of these sleek offerings, and you'll see that they're either living their second life now — or that they are actually repurposed by the user! 1. Layer Necklace of East African Bullet Casings Ethic Goods. Circle 143. 2. Feather Bow Tie Brackish. Circle 144. 3. Abundance Cuff of Recycled Bronze Kristen Mara Jewelry. Circle 145. 4. Repurposed Glass Paperweights, Stopper & Ornament Dynasty Gallery. Circle 146. 5. Handmade Hammered Brass Necklace from Repurposed Materials Acacia Creations. Circle 147. 6. Animal Pendants Featuring Ribbon from Recycled Silk Sari Ria Sharon Art. Circle 148. 7. Kutch Fringe Patchwork Clutch/ Crossbody of Repurposed Kutch Textiles WorldFinds. Circle 149. 8. Ethically Sourced Ankole Horns on Lucite Bases Ankole Designs. Circle 150. 9. Repurposed Organic Cotton Gift Wraps FabRap. Circle 151. 10. Baby Clothes Quilt Kit ListaLu Handmade Memories. Circle 152. 11. Wine Bag of Unused Textile Waste Marble+Vine. Circle 153. 12. Renew Apron of Fabric Recycled from Plastic Bottles Now Designs. Circle 154. 13. Glacier Glass Tumbler of Recycled Wine Bottle Rolf Glass. Circle 155. 14. Pencils with Cases that Become Terrariums June & December. Circle 156. 6 7 2 3 4 1 5

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