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GIFTSHOPMAG.COM 77 Introducing Dear Alchemy, ™ Our new curious and petite line features die-cut, interactive, small yet still mailable cards that focus on edgy, nostalgia-driven themes with an added sprinkle of humor. | 800-482-2418 | ® F acebook. Instagram. Twitter. Email. Phone calls. Our frenetic lives have had a most pleasant side effect: a growing emphasis on mindfulness and a need to connect with pen and paper as a way of documenting the joys of our everyday lives. What's more, art therapy, which is the process of creating artwork to explore feelings, reconcile conflicts and reduce anxiety, is also back in demand. At the basis of art therapy: personal expression. What does this all mean and why does this matter to you? Because there's an associated bounty of gift products in journals and coloring books that are selling like hotcakes and these categories are tailor made for gift shops like yours. THE WRITE FIT According to a 2017 study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's journal, Preventing Chronic Disease, yoga and other mindfulness practices, such as meditation, are on the rise among U.S. workers. And mindfulness is not just being embraced in the workplace it is also on the rise elsewhere as a way of reconnecting with our lives. One of the anchors of mindfulness: journaling. Gina B. Gottschalk of Gina B. Designs agreed. "I believe, more than ever, that people are searching for ways to reduce stress in their lives and quiet their busy minds," she said, explaining why journaling has become increasingly popular over the years. "Writing one's thoughts and feelings can also help clarify situations and can be a wonderful tool for problem solving," Gottschalk added. "Journaling can foster personal growth and creativity as well." Nene Okereke with C. R. Gibson has seen journaling being used to record thoughts and ideas, remember inspirational quotes and for more mundane things like to-do lists, record-keeping, note-taking or simply drawing and doodling. "There's something very therapeutic about putting a pen to paper and capturing memories through the written word," said Barbara Morina, Owner and President of Journals Unlimited. "To have a keepsake or log of the trips you've taken, the goals you've met, and the guests who have stayed is something irreplaceable." COLOR IN SALES A similar explanation is behind the popularity of coloring books for adults. Entire coloring parties are all the rage these days with women investing in elaborate Circle 461 or text GSSUM 461 to 41411

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